Vetus Terrarium

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"Vetus Oribus Terraium" (The Old World)

Vetus Orbius Terraium is a semi-homebrew campaign world based on Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition game system. I also bring Planeshift, Magic the Gathering Elements, Eberron and several other systems into this homebrew campaign world.  This also includes pop elements of TV, Movie, and Books.

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The Party

The Druid Marka as the Druid
The fighter Keegan as the Fighter
The Ranger Paige as the Ranger
The Bard Dennis as the Bard

Coming Soon Articles

  • Alchemy Skill
  • Expanded Alchemey Items
  • Expanded Equipment
  • Expanded Potions
  • Tinker Skill & Items
  • Foraging Skill
  • Foraging Items
  • Expanded Craft Skill
  • Expanded Craft Materials