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 This site is a record and Forum for  RPG gaming groups located in USA, Oklahoma or Online Gaming group lead by the Current DM and Author. 

 History of Gauntlet of the Good. While I have had a page dedicated to RPG info it wasn't until I moved and started gaming with some friends in 2009 that Gauntlet of the Good came around.  The original gauntlet of the good was a yahoo group (online forum) of the existing game group used to chat back in forth while posting out-of character and in character info. When it was not possible to meet up it was possible to go to the group and post. This allowed them to stay in touch and pass information around as well as long details that occurred during the game when they had a chance to play that week. When I joined them I love the idea and wanted to make it more special I registered the domain and threw up gauntlet of the good a month or two after joining the group. While the original site data and yahoo group doesn't exist any more I want to bring that fun and excitement back. I hope those original guys will reach out and make use of the Gauntlet of the Good once more.

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