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Site Update 11/11/2018 - Added over 433 Magical Items and more

Vetus Terrarium

  • Added 31 new Spells to players guide.
  • Added New Class Shaman
  • Added 6 new Races Tortle, Khenra, Naga, Wemic, Tri-Kreen, Faerie 
  • Added 2 new feats.
  • Added 433 Magical Items to world Guide
  • Added 12 Musical Instruments to equipment
  • Added 26 planes of existance 
  • Added 69 Gods for human, elf, dwarf, gnome, halfling, drow
  • Added 12 Backgrounds 
  • Added 1 Faction 
  • Corrected variouse miss spellings.
  • Adjusted variouse catagories



Site Update 10/24/2018

I've done some more work on the website (https://gauntletofthegood.com) to make it more friendlier to use. I've created a custom user page that will load when you login instead of the Home index. 1.) On the page it will show the last 5 entries of the party journal. 2.) I've created a index to make it easier to find things. 3.) I've done some more optimizing for Mobile devices to make it easier to use on your phone so it can be used to look up spells, equipment and etc. 4.) I've added temporary Tokens for your characters till players send me a character that better represents there character better. 5.) There are a dozen other small changes. If you see something that needs to be fixed let me know.

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