The party follows the wagons and becomes lost in a mistys where they find them selves trapped in the lands of Barovia. Defeting some wolves beyond the gates to the strange lands they make there way to a village. At the village they come a cross two children needing help with a monster in thier house.  The party enters the house and is trapped inside by the mists as it swirls about the house.


The Party

The Druid Marka as the Druid
The fighter Keegan as the Fighter
The Ranger Paige as the Ranger
The Bard Dennis as the Bard

Coming Soon Articles

  • Alchemy Skill
  • Expanded Alchemey Items
  • Expanded Equipment
  • Expanded Potions
  • Tinker Skill & Items
  • Foraging Skill
  • Foraging Items
  • Expanded Craft Skill
  • Expanded Craft Materials