While on the road to waterdeep an Elf a Dward and a halfling meet. The dwarf having contacts in Daggerford meet a benofactor the Duchess Morwen. The duchess asks the party to do her a favor to take care of a small problem she has been having with a wagon band that has been causing trouble. The party agree and leaves to meet the wagon band. Not wanting any trouble they explain they are just having a good time before the wagon band leave to return back to their lord. The wagon band is leaving in the morning and convineced the party to go with them in order to help there lord. A young teen under the care of a old Cleric and a bard also join the party.


The Party

The Druid Marka as the Druid
The fighter Keegan as the Fighter
The Ranger Paige as the Ranger
The Bard Dennis as the Bard

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